Wednesday, 21 December 2016

From 18th Dec. 2016 until 31st Dec. 2016

There are a ticket called "Sansho-mode-shuyu-meguri-kippu(三所詣周遊めぐりきっぷ)" will be sold. The ticket is convenient and good deal for money, you can save approx. 400JPY compared with if you buy all the tickets separately on the spot. In fact, you could make it the same deal price by combining other tickets and pass with those are exist already but this ticket is simple, one ticket covers the combination, that's why I can recommend. This ticket is suitable for tourists who likes walk on Amanohashidate one-way.

Price: 1900JPY

Available places to purchase the ticket:
*Amanohashidate station
*Sightseeing boat piers(Amanohashidate or Ichinomiya)
*Fuchu station(cable-car departure point for visiting Kasamatsu Park)

*Single trip by sightseeing boat(From Amanohashidate pier to Ichinomiya pier or the other way around)
* Return trip by cable-car(Kasamatsu Park, the only viewpoint where you can see "bridge to heaven" view)
* Return trip by mountain bus for Nariai-ji Temple
* Admission fee for Natiai-ji Temple