Sunday, 26 March 2017

The BEST ticket for sightseeing in Amanohashidate!

On 14th March 2017, new tourists ticket was officially launched selling after the trial in winter 2016.
The ticket is called "Sansho-mode-shuyu-meguri-kippu(三所詣周遊めぐりきっぷ)".  This is convenient and good deal for money, you can save approx. 400JPY compared with if you buy all the tickets separately on the spot. In fact, you could make it the same deal price by combining other tickets and pass with those are existed already but this ticket is SIMPLE, one ticket covers that combination, that's why I recommend.
This ticket is suitable for tourists who likes walk on Amanohashidate one-way and have enough time to explore, don't recommend for tourists who only have a couple of hours to spend in Amanohashidate.

Price: 1900JPY

Available places to purchase the ticket:
*Amanohashidate station(Tankai bus staff at Tourist Information)
*Sightseeing boat piers(Amanohashidate or Ichinomiya)
*Fuchu station(cable-car departure point for visiting Kasamatsu Park)

*Single trip by sightseeing boat(From Amanohashidate pier to Ichinomiya pier or the other way around)
* Return trip by cable-car(Kasamatsu Park, the only viewpoint where you can see "bridge to heaven" view)
* Return trip by mountain bus for Nariai-ji Temple
* Admission fee for Natiai-ji Temple

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

On 11th April 2017

New restaurant and café is going to open in Ine!! I visited there when it was still under construction. Seems cosy atmosphere and have a beautiful view. Both places will serve fresh fish caught in Ine on the day so menu of fish is depends on the day.

Open:10:00-17:00(closed on Wed)

Sushi-Kappo restaurant "WADATSUMI"(鮨割烹 海宮)
Open:11:30-15:00(lunch), 18:00-22:00(dinner) (closed on Wed)
Reservation is recommended.

They located in a complex building called "Funaya Biyori(舟屋日和)", the building is also newly going to open on 11th April 2017. Also I think this place is going to be a hub for marine activities in Ine....and so on, I will report about it later after they open! ;)

Access: Walk towards Ine Post Office(伊根郵便局) for about 10mins from "Ine(伊根)" bus stop. Please note, not listed on google map yet.

Ine⇔Miyazu・Amanohashidate boat info for 2017

Why not take a boat to visit Ine?
This boat runs between Miyazu - Amanohashidate - Ine - Ine sightseeing boat pier. The boat has toilet.
*If you get off the boat at "Ine", you will arrive on the place called "Funaya Biyori" complex building. For further info about the building please read another page of my blog.

Every Sat&Sun&Public holidays from 29th Apr. until 5th Nov. 2017

1500yen/single, 2700yen/return

Miyazu pier 9:50→Amanohashidate pier 10:00→Ine 10:50→Ine sightseeing boat pier 11:00

Ine sightseeing boat pier 14:50→Ine 15:00→Amanohashidate pier 15:50→Miyazu pier 16:00

I highly recommend taking this boat!!  I recommend to stay on the top of the boat from Miyazu pier to end of Amanohashidate, then go inside the boat(Inside the boat has large windows and sometime they have a water tank with some fish which can catch in the local sea). Be prepared for wind and sun!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Japanese inn located by the singing sand beach

The inn is called "New Maruta(ニュー丸田荘)".
This inn located at one of the best location to enjoy singing sand beach, only a couple of minutes to walk!!
Another good thing about this place is, they have three bathrooms which is Onsen(hot spring) and you can use it for privately so no one will enter while you are using. Please note, there is no private bathrooms in your room.
You can book them online in English.
Access: From Amino station, take a bus(Kaigansen line海岸線 or Taiza-junkansen line間人循環線) and get off at "Kotohikihama(琴引浜)" and walk about 5mins. Bus fare: 200yen/person

Their official website(in Japanese)

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Express bus to Amanohashidate and Ine from Kyoto!

There are already three direct express buses running from Kyoto to Amanohashidate daily. Although, there is no direct bus to Ine from Kyoto until now and there will be a trial running in April&May 2017.
This bus is a good option for tourists who would like to arrive earlier time in a day to Tango region cause this is the earliest arrival time of direct public transportation from Kyoto(For example, the direct express train arrives at Amanohashidate station at 11:25).

Date: everyday from 15th April 2017 to 31st May 2017(3rd-6th May is not running)

  8:10 Kyoto station
  8:33 Kosoku-Nagaokakyo(For Hankyu line "Nishiyama-tennozan" station)
10:10 Amanohashidate station
10:28 Amanohashidate Cable-shita(For Kasamatsu Park)
10:50 Ine-wan-meguri-Hide(For sightseeing boat in Ine) 
10:59 Ine(Central)

15:36 Ine(Central)
15:45 Ine-wan-meguri-Hide(For sightseeing boat in Ine) 
16:07 Amanohashidate Cable-shita(For Kasamatsu Park)
16:25 Amanohashidate station
18:02 Kosoku-Nagaokakyo(For Hankyu line "Nishiyama-tennozan" station)
18:27 Kyoto station

From Kyoto station(Kosoku-Nagaokakyo) to Amanohashidate station 2800JPY
From Kyoto station(Kosoku-Nagaokakyo) to Amanohashidate Cable-shita 3000JPY
From Kyoto station(Kosoku-Nagaokakyo) to Ine-wan-meguri-Hide(Ine) 3200JPY

For this bus, booking is only possible by call(Please ask someone who can speak Japanese to call for you). TEL:0120-15-8814(From domestic phone)
Please prepare exact cash and remember your seat number when you book(Make sure to sit on the correct seat.)

From Kyoto station, bus leaves from C2(bus stop).

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Found a little spring by the sea today!

This year, the mountains are still covered by snow here and temperature is also lower than usual. However, I finally found an old tree of cherry blossoms which has some blooming part :) Please don't think this is the beginning of blooming season. At here, most of trees are bloom in beginning of April.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Farm stay in Yasaka

The inn called Hokkori(温古里).
A friendly lady will accommodate you at old fashioned Japanese house. The inn only take one booking per day which means you have entire house for you. The owner is an organic farmer and the house is surrounded by beautiful nature and their meals are prepared with freshly picked vegetables, so what you can eat is depends on season.

Price(without meal):5000yen/person per night*booking is accepted from 3 people
Price(with dinner and breakfast):8800yen/person per night*booking is accepted from 2 people
**If you like to use kitchen facility, it will cost 1000yen extra.
**During winter season, some extra cost will be charged for heating.
Bathroom, western style toilet and washing machine is available to use. You need to bring your towel, pajamas and toiletries.

For booking, please ask someone who can speak Japanese to call for you. (The lady is lovely and kind person so she will give you a warm welcome at the place but unfortunately she cannot speak English so...) TEL:0772-62-0934(from Japanese domestic phone)

Access: Unfortunately, there is no public transportation available in the area. So please ask for pick up service from the closest train station(Mineyama station) where takes about 40mins drive to the inn. The pick up service will be extra cost. There is another way to get to this inn, which is use Uber. I think the easiest place to meet up the driver for you is "Ukawa-Onsen Yoshino-no-sato(宇川温泉よし野の里)" bus stop. The cost is approx. 2500yen. Uber is only possible to start run from Tango-cho area so it is not possible to use Uber for return because the inn located in Yasaka-cho area. About the Uber, please check on my blog.

Address: 419-2 Yasaka-cho, Sugawa, Kyotango(京丹後市弥栄町須川419-2)

Official website(Japanese)

The video is taken at the inn in winter, the language of video is in French&Japanese. From the video, you can see the owner is a warm-heart person, inconvenient location but the staying this inn experience is worth it ;)